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Adriana Palhares was born and raised in Rio de Janeiro, Brasil where she attended Villa Lobos Music Conservatory and acting schools Tablado and Cau. While in Brasil, she had a Bossa Nova band called Bossinha. Bossa Nova, a style of Brazilian music derived from samba but placing more emphasis on melody and less on percussion, is one of her specialities. While at Tablado, she worked as an actress at the local theatre performing in musicals and also singing in choirs.

In 1994 Adriana moved to the United States to work for Club Med in Miami as a singer and entertainer. In 1995, she left Miami and ventured out to the west coast to live in San Francisco for a different life, and fell in love with improv. Once again, she started her own Bossa Nova band, this time called Dahlia consisting of a trio of voice, percussion and guitar. The band is still together to this day and perform at weddings, cafes, art shows, street fairs and other public events.

As much as she loves to sing, Adriana has recently shifted her focus to acting. In 2015 she attended First Take acting school in San Francisco, and is now continuing her studies at the Beverly Hills Playhouse drama and acting school in San Francisco.